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Accommodations for Care of Patients of Size

Statistics show that more than three-quarters of Americans are overweight. Hospitals must be able to accommodate these individuals safely, protecting both the patients and the staff who care for them. Outpatient facilities may be able to limit the type of patients they serve. In either case, a decision should be made for each project as to whether accommodations for patients of size will be provided and, if so, what percentage of a facility will incorporate these elements. For the 2018 FGI Guidelines, the Health Guidelines Revision Committee made a concerted effort to provide guidance to health care organizations attempting to make these determinations. From considerations during planning to ensuring enough space is provided for these patients and the caregivers assisting them, both recommendations and specific requirements are provided.
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Mary W. Matz
MSPH, CPE, CSPHP, Patient Care Ergonomic Solutions

Joseph J. Strauss
AIA, ACHA, Cleveland Clinic