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Flexible subscriptions mean flexible pricing.



Cloud-based subscriptions
+ paperback books



Cloud-based subscriptions

Single-user license

A personal account for individual users
Ideal for individuals who need personal, unlimited access to the FGI Guidelines. Only one designated user is authorized for access and the license may not be transferred to another user.

The account can include single or multiple publications and multiple editions. One designated user can access the subscribed documents immediately after the transaction is completed in the Store.

For the 2018 edition, if a paperback book is purchased with a single-user license, the book price will be discounted.
2018 Guidelines
Single-user license
annual price

+ Paperback book *
Any 1 publication $75.00 $150.00 $225.00
Any 2 publications $135.00 $270.00 $405.00
All 3 publications $180.00 $360.00 $540.00

Site-based license

Share your account with your office
and designate any number of concurrent users per title.
Ideal for organizations that need access for multiple users.

Subscriptions are simultaneous-usage based, meaning that a company can decide on the number of users who can access the FGI Guidelines at the same time, and share the seats amongst their employees.

If a multi-site license is purchased, employees from different offices can share the same account to access the subscribed Guidelines. Organizations can have immediate access to the documents as soon as the transaction is completed in Store.

If a paperback book(s) is purchased with a site license, the book price will be discounted.

A subscription to FGI's Beyond Fundamentals is included with the site license.

Add additional simultaneous users to any title at any time.
Depending on your enterprises needs, more than one simultaneous user per title may be necessary. You can designate the number of simultaneous users at the time of purchase, and add new users as needed any time during your subscription.

+25% for each additional simo user

Add more locations at any time.
Share enterprise-wide.
If your enterprise has more than one office, add additional locations to your account at a discounted price.

+30% for each additional location

Add paperback books of the 2018 edition to your subscription
at a discounted price.
All books are offered at 25% off when bundled with an online subscription.
2018 Guidelines
Single-site, single simo user
annual price

site price
simo user price
+ 2018 Paperback book* (discounted)
Any 1 publication $200.00 $60.00 $50.00 $150.00
Any 2 publications $360.00 $108.00 $90.00 $270.00
All 3 publications $480.00 $144.00 $120.00 $360.00

FGI Webinars

On-demand education

Convenient modules that supplement the Guidelines content
The full webinar series provides exceptional value and convenience compared to the cost of sending employees to on-site meetings.

Locations Annual List Price
1 Webinar 1 1 $48.00
5 Webinars 1 1 $228.00
10 Webinars 1 1 $432.00
Courses & CEU
Locations Annual List Price
1 Webinar 1 1 $96.00
5 Webinars 1 1 $456.00
10 Webinars 1 1 $864.00

Paperback books

The traditional format

For when you only need a physical copy of content
You can buy paperback copies of the 2018 FGI Guidelines documents for a flat fee. The more copies you buy, the lower prices become.

Add a subscription to Beyond Fundamentals for $25.
2018 Guidelines
Paperback book *
Any 1 publication $200.00
Any 2 publications $360.00
All 3 publications $480.00
* Plus shipping

Additional bundle discounts are offered
when buying 4 or more publications in the same transaction.

4-10 print publications: 5% discount
11-20 print publications: 10% discount
21 or more publications: 15% discount

Beyond Fundamentals

Additional resources

For information that reaches beyond the minimum guidelines
Access valuable information, such as checklists, white papers, draft minimum guidelines for the next edition.

Subscription purchased Price
Purchased with 2018 digital subscriptions
($200 for 1 publication, $360 for 2 publications, and $480 for 3 publications)
Included Free
Beyond Fundamentals (only) single-user license $25.00
Beyond Fundamentals (only) site license $65.00
Purchased with 2018 paperback $25.00
Purchased with 2014 or earlier editions $25.00