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FGI Guidelines in an online library.

The FGI Guidelines documents are available for annual subscriptions on Users will receive full access to the Guidelines content, supported by advanced search capabilities, intelligent filters, industry-specific tools, and the ability to share accounts enterprise-wide.

Users may also supplement subscriptions by creating a custom library from 80,000 model codes and standards from major standard development organizations, all 50 states and territories and more than 20,000 jurisdictions.

Beyond Fundamentals
An additional free subscription resource that reaches beyond the minimum guidelines for design and construction of health and residential care facilities.

FGI Webinars
Webinars designed to provide rich content about the major updates in the 2018 edition of the Hospital, Outpatient, and Residential Guidelines.


Choose from 3 ways to access the 2018 FGI Guidelines.

Whether you need online access, hardcopy books or both, we’ve got you covered.

Subscriptions on MADCAD

Annual, single-user accounts are available to individuals who need unlimited access to the Guidelines. Subscriptions include access to FGI's Beyond Fundamentals.

Users may also create custom, site-based licenses to share enterprise-wide, with any number of locations and simultaneous users.

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Paperback books

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Beyond Fundamentals are complimentary resources for Paperback book purchasers.

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Bundle an annual, online subscription with paperback books to receive a special, discounted price.

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All content is provided on a cloud-based resource library, which means you'll never need to download or install a thing.

Access content from anywhere — at home, the office or even from the field.

Access the FGI Guidelines on any web-enabled device.

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